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Anibal Troilo

Birth Name: Aníbal Carmelo Troilo
Artistry: composer, director, Bandoneón player
Lived: 1914 - 1975
Alias: Pichuco

Anibal Troilo

  • Born in Argentina, Troilo is amongst the most popular of tango musicians
  • Troilo fell in love with the Bandoneón when he heard it at cafes, and was 10 when he got his first instrument - he played that Bandoneón almost all his life
  • Troilo's bandoneón is widely considered one of the best ever - a mastery of expression
  • In 1925 he started his career (at age 11) on a stage at a market
  • At 14 he formed a quintet
  • In 1930 he played bandoneón in the Vardaro-Pugliese sextet, and also later in the bands of Julio De Caro, Angel D´Agostino (see above) and others
  • He formed his own orchestra in 1937
  • In the 1940s Troilo became very successful
  • He was responsible for what was termed 'The Troilo Sound' - a very rick and distinctive sound that juxtaposed staccato and legato figures
  • Troilo's orchestra, Orquesta Tipica was amongst the most preferred by dancers during the Golden Age of tango - his orchestra is well known for its instrumentals
  • Troilo is famous for knowing how to choose the best orchestra players to achieve the best sound
  • His sound changed to concert sound around the late 1950s
  • Troilo's instrumentals and recordings with Francisco Fiorentino are a favorite for modern milongas
  • He often played bent forward, with eyes closed (his double chin hanging)
  • He once said: 'It is said that I am very often moved and that I cry. Yes, it is true. But I never do these things for trivial reasons.'
  • He died in May 1975, renown for being a great band director, composer and brilliant bandoneonist - he recorded a massive 485 sides!

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