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Very Tango Online Store offers a 100% Guarantee to our customers! We consider excellent service to be the foundation of our business, and want to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with your experience.

Does the Guarantee cover me if the shoes don't fit?
For most of our shoes, we will exchange for the correct size at no cost other than shipping. This is our 100% Guarantee to provide superb confidence in our service and products. It is unmatched and amongst the very best guarantee you can get!
Note however that our 2x4 shoes are guaranteed against faults but not against size issues. The sizing guide on this website is precisely made for our shoes, which is why we have less than 0.5% of customers with sizing issues.

Does the Guarantee cover me for other things?
We take quality, ordering and customer experience extremely seriously. However on the very rare times that we make a mistake, we will exchange the shoes at no cost and pay shipping both ways.

Is there a time limit?
You have 30 days from the date you received your item to notify us of your request for exchange. An order can be exchanged once only.

Will you exchange goods that I accidentally damaged, even slightly?
An item damaged or marked by you cannot be returned. Very important: you must send the item back to us in its original condition, which includes the shoes, their soles, and packaging and labels.

What should I do when I receive the item in the post?
Please check it immediately, and do not wear it if it needs to be returned. Shoes should be checked on carpet to ensure they are not marked (shoes with soles that are marked or scratched, even in a minor way, cannot be returned). If the goods need to be returned go to our Contact Us page and send us an email letting us know of the problem. We will give you full instructions on how to proceed. Shoes must not be sent back without getting instructions from us.
We will work with you to fix things. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and on the very rare times that things have gone wrong, we have received lovely feedback from customers praising our ethics and customer service.