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Adriana Varela

Birth Name: Beatriz Adriana Lichinchi
Artistry: singer
Lived: 1952 -

Adriana Varela

  • Adriana Varela was born in Buenos Aires, and is regarded as one of the main Argentinean tango singers of the modern era, even admired by many non-tango listeners
  • She not sings beautifully, but she is sensual as we – both physically and personally
  • In 1991 her career began with a side called ‘Tangos’
  • In 1993 she launched her second album ‘Maquillaje’ in which the signer Roberto Goyeneche and the pianist Virgilio Expsito perform – she was awarded a Premio ACE award for this album two years in a row
  • Ironically there was some very strong resistance to her from tango ‘traditionalists’
  • Between 1991 and 1996 she recorded three more albums, the last of which (Tango En Vivo) was recorded live at the Coliseo Theatre in Buenos Aires
  • She also performed a recital in the woods of Palermo before 50000 people
  • Between 1996 and 1998 she participated in famous tango festivals – including La Mar De Músicas in Cartagena, the Porto Alegre festival, and the Grec Festival in Barcelona – at the latter she got a standing ovation lasting several minutes
  • She participated in singing in the group Bajofondo
  • She also had some minor roles in movies
  • Varela created the musical opening for the movie ‘Tango’
  • She had a strong left-wing political position
  • She is regarded as a very sought-after star and best seller in Argentina
  • Varela appears often in Buenos Aires venues
  • All in all she has released 7 albums between 1991 and 2006

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