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Tango Liso Dancing Style

Tango Liso (sometimes called Tango Sin Cortes - tango without cortes) is the term used for a restrained and simplistic type of tango dancing. Liso in Spanish means smooth, though in this context it means simple. It is characterized by slowness, lack of abruptness and restricted repertoire.

Tango Liso has the following attributes:
  • Fluid motion: no staccato or corte.
  • Slow dancing, in which a single step may take more than one beat.
  • Simple, restricted repertoire: no embellishments, boleos, ganchos, sacadas. Liso utilizes the basic tango steps such as the caminada and ocho.
  • Danced in close embrace.
  • Posture is upright.
  • Feet are low down on the floor.
The videos below are various examples of Liso as danced by Facundo Posadas, who is acknowledged to be the maestro of Liso.

Tango Liso - Facundo Posadas and Cing Ping Peng

Tango Liso - Facundo Posadas and Christy Cote

Tango Liso - Facundo Posadas and Maria Jose Sosa

Tango Liso - Facundo Posadas and Maria Jose Sosa

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