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Eladia Blazquez

Birth Name: Eladia Blazquez
Artistry: folk musician, pianist, guitarist, composer
Lived: 1931 - 2005
Alias: La Discépolo Con Faldas (Discepolo with skirts)

Eladia Blazquez

  • Born in Buenos Aires to Spanish parents, she is renowned for making beautiful tango with her own lyrics
  • At the age of 4 Blazquez demonstrated her musical capability on a toy piano, and at the age of 8 sang professionally at Radio Argentina
  • At the age of 9, she received her first piano (bought with her own money!) and a guitar - she could play both by ear!
  • At the age of 11 she wrote an amazing bolero for a girl
  • During her teenage years, Blazquez toured Latin America playing Spanish music
  • In 1948 Blazquez recorded her first album
  • On radio, she shared air time with the greats such as Osvaldo Fresedo, Dajos Bela and Aníbal Troilo
  • She was adored by the public but not welcomed by the tango traditionalists
  • In 1964 she began to compose, and recorded her 2nd album with her own compositions - at which point she began to focus on the tango (prior to that she also played folkloric songs, and boleros)
  • 1970 saw Blazquez record a tango-only album (again all her own compositions) - on it was included Mi ciudad y mi gente which was the winner at the Festival de la Canción de Buenos Aires, 1970
  • In 1976 she recorded her third album
  • Her compositions deal with the ideas of melancholy, hope, everyday life, pain and frustration
  • Blazquez died in August 2005

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