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Angel D'Agostino & Angel Vargas

Birth Names: Angel Domingo Emilio D'Agostino / José Angel Lomio
Artistry: pianist, composer / singer
Lived: 1900 - 1991 / 1904 - 1959
Aliases: Los Dos Ángeles (The Two Angels) - Vargas also had the alias El Ruiseñor de las Calles Porteñas (The Nightingale of the Buenos Aires Streets)

Angel D'Agostino         Angel Vargas

  • The tango of The Two Angels remains one of the most popular in Buenos Aires
  • Both were born in Argentina
  • As a child D'Agostino played in a trio at a small theatre near the zoo (but were not paid as they started a fire!)
  • D'Agostino quit school to pursue music, and rich families hired him to play piano during parties
  • D'Agostino's created his first orchestra in 1920, both to play tango and jazz - the orchestra also played at silent movies
  • Vargas started his career in the early 1930s, where he performed in an orchestra under the pseudonym Carlos Vargas
  • D'Agostino and Angel met in 1932, where they had a few appearance together, but their careers were still separate
  • In 1940 D'Agostino and Vargas formally established their team, and the combination of the two stands as one of the greatest of the 1940s
  • Here Vargas entered the orchestra led by D'Agostino
  • That orchestra achieved its magic through its simplicity and excellent repertoire
  • Vargas' voice is considered to have immense sweetness and charisma
  • Luis Adolfo Sierra commented on the combination of the two as '...the success of a team that managed to succeed at the time of the greatest presence of major tango figures'
  • Together they recorded 94 sides together before Vargas split from D'Agostino in 1946, to pursue a successful solo career - but D'Agostino's music was never considered the same
  • D'Agostino died in May 1900 alone, as he promised his friends; Angel died in July 1959 - both considered major tango artists

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