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Tango Shoes
V  E  R  Y     T  A  N  G  O
There is love... and then there is love of tango shoes.
- Jacqueline Rose, executive designer for Very Tango Online Store.

A Fine Tradition of Tango Shoes

Our ethos, style and tradition began in post-war Europe, where our family set up an exclusive workshop crafting haute couture women's shoes. This tradition continues today by the family's lineage, who own and operate this online store selling tango shoes. We also share an intense passion for tango.

The director of this store, Eran Braverman, has as his advisor the lovely dancer Jacqueline Rose. These two met in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, where the original idea for selling tango shoes online was formed.

Our Vision

Our driving principle is simple: that tango shoes must not only be stable and reliable, but they must be beautiful as well. In fact, they must be stunning! Here at the Very Tango Online Store you get exactly that: tango shoes that are both beautiful and comfortable, stunning and stable, chic and long lasting.

Our ethos is that tango shoes are much more than than shoes: they are an art.

Our Tango Shoes

We are one of the world's most popular and successful online stores specialising in tango shoes.

We pride ourselves on providing magnificient shoes with oustanding finishes. Our care and dedication is reflected in the fact that many of our customers come back. We have an exclusive guarantee, backed by European partnerships.